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How to identify the..

Author:   Time:2012/3/11 15:46:58

A look at packing: when consumer choose and buy should be carefully check paint packaging, polyester lacquer because of its larger volatile, product packaging shall be sealing is good, can''''t have any leakage phenomenon exists, metal packaging there should not be a rust, or show that bad time is too long or seal; Examining the production date and shelf life, first from the outer packing will be inferior paint carved out.

2 check weight: according to the personage inside course of study introduces, different paint packing specification each are not identical, weight also each are not identical, when consumer is bought simple method can be used, and knowledge quality: will take out one wave wave up if a "huahua" ring, show that short weight or to have volatile.

Three see content: buy general don''''t allow open when paint containers, but consumers use unpacking carefully before check paint contents. The Lord paint surface cannot be hard skin phenomenon, paint transparent liquid, the color and luster is even, without impurities, and should have good liquidity; Curing agent, should be white or yellow transparent liquid water, no stratified clear transparent, no coagulation, without impurities, Thinner, scientific name "it that water," called "XiangJiaoShui", the appearance of clear, transparent, without impurities, dilute good sex.

4 look sex: high quality paint strictly according to the instructions requirements after ratio, should handle delicate, bright color, viscosity uniform, unity is appropriate, has good construction tolerance.

Five businesses choose brand: consumers to buy the paint should try to choose good reputation normal dealer purchased with corresponding brand paint products, if discover the quality problem should be timely response or complaints, or after well, is it paint quality is bad or construction technology, environmental factors is it''''s hard to tell.